Rooftop Snipers

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Rooftop Snipers is an unblocked and fantastic two-player game. If you like shooting games and want to play 1v1 with your friends then this game is for you. In this you can shoot between 2 players on building blocks in pixel style. If the player in front of you wants to attack you then you can jump. People like this great game very much and every day millions of people like this popular game. This game has been created by Neweichgames and you can play it on unblocked games 76. But you can easily play for free without any problem.

It is quite easy to play as we told you this is a 2 player shooting game and you have to see these controls to play this game

You have to use the mouse to balance your character and look around
use W to jump
Use E button for aiming and shooting. If you hold E button you can aim and if you simple press E then you can shoot.


Shooting Action Two Player