Getaway Shootout

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Today we provide you Getaway Shootout, an online most popular unblocked game. It is a shooting game, in this you shoot at your opponent on top of the building and defeat him. It is a 2 player game, in this you can play this game with your friends also. You can play and enjoy the game, you have to jump to avoid shooting and to increase your points you have to shoot at the right time, the one who shoots more times will be the winner of the game, this is a free online unblocked game . There is a game that you can easily play on our website. This game is created and published by Neweichgames

The controls of this game are quite simple

For single player you use W and I to jump left.
And for the second player use E and O to jump to the right.
You can also power up in this game, for that use R and P buttons.


Shooting Action Two Player